E-TOP Electronic Portable Restroom

Not the ordinary portable restroom, but an appealing total white restroom with fully automated flush and hand wash sink plus led motion sensor light. Users will not miss their home bathroom because E-TOP is designed to deliver a comfortable experience in a modern sleek style.

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The enhanced portable restroom with electronic control panel and optimized features

There is no doubt that E-TOP is the appropriate name for an innovative concept capable of transforming the common perception of portable restrooms from the users’ standpoint. Besides E-TOP has limitless applications: it can reach almost all sites because it can be easily transported with its dedicated dolly. It can operate stand-alone and the electronics are powered by a battery that can be charged with a solar panel.


A minimal linear design on the outside and many cozy details inside simply make everyone happy to visit when nature calls. Water flush and hand wash basin are activated by pushing buttons. All of the following amenities come as a standard: toilet paper holder, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, dustbin, mirror and led light. E-Top already incorporates all of the extras that are optional in many traditional portable toilets, creating a unique and pleasing restroom.

Versatility at its best: four operating modes for one product

E-LINE offers a variety of solutions (single restroom, 2-restroom station, 2-restroom trailer), all of them based on the same core technology allowing four operating modes:

  • self-contained (using external fresh and gray water tanks)
  • self-contained using the fresh water tank and connected to sewage
  • self-contained using the gray water tank and connected to water supply
  • mains connected (both water and sewage system)

Operations are very easy and the same knowledge applies to all products. This is a big plus for you, but also for us, as we will further develop this line by creating more products with the same much appreciated technology.

Technical specifications

  • Height (internal – external) 2.120 – 2.400 mm / 83.46” – 94.48”
  • Width (internal – external) 1.010 – 1.060 mm / 39.73” – 41.73”
  • Lenght (internal – external) 1.010 – 1.060 mm / 39.49” – 41.73”
  • Seat height 450 mm / 17.71”
  • Weight (empty) 104 kg / 229.28 lb.
  • Power supply DC 12V
  • Fresh water pump (No. 1) from 10 L/min. – 2.64 gal./min.
  • Handwash sink pump (No. 1) from 4 L/min. – 1.05 gal./min.
  • Gray water flushing pump (No. 1) from 18 L/min. – 4.75 gal./min.
  • Gray water pump hose diameter 38 mm / 1.50’’
  • Water consumption per each flush 1 L / 0.26 gal. for the toilet bowl and 0,2 L / 0.05 gal. for the hand wash sink

Material used

  • Structural profiles in extruded aluminium and insulated panels in fiberglass and polystyrene
  • Sanitary wares in ABS
  • Translucent polyethylene anti-UV treated roof
  • OSB wood panel floor

Features included

  • One station with toilet and hand wash sink
  • Automatic pumps management
  • Push buttons to activate the toilet bowl flushing with fresh water and the hand wash sink
  • Moulded flushing rim around the top of the toilet bowl to allow fresh water to be directed over the entire surface so that it is completely flushed with water
  • External plugs for an easy connection to water supply and sewage system (the unit can be positioned at 10 m/393.70’’ from the network)
  • Level sensors and automatic stop when the maximum/minimum levels of the gray/fresh water in the respective tanks are reached (self-contained use only)
  • LED light with integrated presence sensor that turns on automatically at dusk
  • Aeration vents, built-in on the cabin walls, to protect it from rain and ensure good aeration conditions inside
  • Door with return spring and lock system with vacant/occupied indicator
  • Sanitary wares in ABS
  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board) wood panel floor or anti-sleeve marine wooden one (depending on the model)
  • Paper hand towel dispenser in foils and soap and sanitizer dispenser
  • Toilet paper dispenser in foils and 8 L/2.11 gal. plastic dustbin
  • Mirror
  • Coat/tool-belt hook
  • Predisposition for No. 1x65Ah car battery

Standard colors

  • Ash Grey
  • White


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