• 24 06 2024
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Armal NEXT: a celebration of innovation and collaboration

On June 25, 2024, Armal headquarters in Certaldo became the hub of innovation and progress as we hosted "NEXT." This exciting event showcased our unwavering commitment to excellence in portable sanitation, bringing together key figures from the Toi Toi & Dixi Group, Sebach staff, and an extensive network of dealers.

With the presence of Christian Roller, Holger Wirtz, and many esteemed colleagues from Toi Toi & Dixi Group, alongside Sebach staff and dealers, Armal NEXT provided an informal yet productive setting to strengthen our partnerships. As industry leaders, we proudly presented Armal's latest advancements in portable sanitation technology to our valued partners.

Event Highlights:

  • Innovations and Progress: The event served as a platform to unveil our latest enhancements, reflecting Armal's continuous strides forward in the portable sanitation industry. Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients and partners, setting new standards for quality and efficiency.
  • New Faces and Offices: NEXT also marked the introduction of new team members and the inauguration of our brand-new offices. This expansion symbolizes our growth and our commitment to providing superior support and service to our partners worldwide.
  • Collaboration: Face-to-face discussions on collaborative projects and product developments underscored the event, reinforcing our dedication to teamwork and shared success. By fostering open communication, we aim to drive innovation and excellence together.

We have captured the essence of "Armal NEXT" in a video. Witness the highlights of this milestone event and experience the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines Armal.

At Armal, we are not just pushing boundaries; we are redefining them. Stay tuned as we continue to lead the way in portable sanitation, celebrating our shared achievements and looking forward to a future filled with innovation and excellence.