Vacuum Tank Units

PTO Driven Vacuum Tank Units

As an alternative to engine-driven vacuum tank units, Armal also manufactures units connected to a vehicle's power take-off (PTO).

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PTO Driven Vacuum Tank Units

PTO driven vacuum tank units have many advantages in terms of less weight and lower maintenance costs. Units that do not include their own petrol engine are more compact and lighter. Furthermore there is no need to refuel them, they produce less noise and less vibrations while performing suction and washing operations. Ultimately they turn operations into an easy task and require minimal maintenance.

TRK 1100T P2 and TRK 2000T P2: The Transversal Units with Hydraulic System and Remote Control

TRK 1100T P2 and TRK 2000T P2 have features and optimizations that make them particularly suitable for the execution of the service performed by a dedicated vehicle. They can be easily installed on vehicles up to 6.0 tons. Their transversal positioning allows the loading of extra portable restrooms on the truck’s flatbed, while their dual-side service permits operators to use the units without any need to move the vehicle depending on the location of the portable restrooms. The control panel and suction/washing operations are immediately on/off when the PTO is activated/deactivated.

Tecnical specification

Specification TRK 1100T P2 TRK 2000T P2
Height 1.530 mm / 60.23‘‘ 1.830 mm / 72.04‘‘
Width 2.100 mm / 82.67‘‘ 2.100 mm / 82.67‘‘
Lenght 1.480 mm / 58.26‘‘ 1.780 mm / 70.07‘‘
Diameter 1.000 mm / 39.37‘‘ 1.300 mm / 51.18‘‘
Gray water capacity 1.100 L / 290.59 gal. 2.000 L / 528.34 gal.
Fresh water capacity 460 L / 121.52 gal. 580 L / 153.22 gal.
Weight in running order 580 kg / 1278.68 lb. 620 kg / 1366.87 lb.
Standard color White
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Optional accessories

  • Combined suction and washing operations system
  • Deodorizing control system to spread deodorant fragrances during suction
  • High pressure water pump (11 L/min.-2.90 gal./min. - 170 bar/2465.64 psi)
  • Automatic hose reels with 20 m/787.40’’ washing hoses
  • Electric drive of the sanitary concentrate
  • 19 L/5 gal. sanitary concentrate tank
  • Magnetic work spotlight (radio-controlled)

Material used

Main tank body made of carbon steel and fresh water tank in semi-transparent plastic material

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